Jacqueline Zdrojowy

Jacqueline Zdrojowy, our Executive Director who is also affectionately known as JZ, grew up in Birmingham, AL. If you happen to run into her on an autumn Saturday, she will more than likely be wearing a crimson t-shirt and will probably input Roll Tide into your conversation at some point. Jacqueline has been married to her husband, Brian, for sixteen year, and they have six beautiful children (five biological and one adopted) and one additional coming soon in March of 2021. Jacqueline is passionate about men, women and youth realizing their value and discovering the purpose they were created for. Jacqueline has been actively involved in serving and ministering for over eighteen years. She believes that no matter one’s background or story, it only takes one generation of change to change the story for all future generations that follow. Working at Pregnancy Solutions has fit her passions perfectly as she has the opportunity to lead a non-profit that offers that hope and Good News to every client that enters their doors. Jacqueline loves serving alongside her husband at a local church they planted in 2013 and is always planning her family’s next road trip adventure.

Bobbie Smith

Our Director of Operations, Bobbie Smith, joined Pregnancy Solutions in 2012 and has extensive experience operating small businesses including travel agencies, bookkeeping and air conditioning. As a single mom for over 10 years, she has learned to be resourceful in finding ways for her family to enjoy life on a budget. She loves encouraging others to thrive and is always available for support and education. Bobbie is a self-proclaimed nerd who loves spreadsheets, technology, and research.

Erika Schlabach

Our Director of Intervention, Erika Schlabach, joined the Pregnancy Solutions team in July 2019. She is a dedicated wife to a Marine Corps veteran and mother to three beautiful children. She holds an Associates Degree from State College of Florida, and is currently pursuing a degree in Developmental Psychology at Liberty University. Erika’s life experiences have aided in her passion of helping others experiencing adversity with true compassion. Because Erika’s heart is for helping others, you can often find her volunteering, coaching competitive cheerleading, or at the local coffee shop with a good group of friends.

Melissa Gordon

Melissa Gordon is newly married and the proud mom of a blended family of six. Melissa came to Pregnancy Solutions in 2020 with a background of helping others improve their lives and overcome their circumstances through education and fitness. She is passionate about walking in partnership with others as they navigate life’s many challenges. In her free time, she enjoys reading classic novels and planning trips to unique locations.

Alisha Ayala

Alisha Ayala is one of our ARDMS certified sonographers. Alisha and her husband have been together for 20 years and have five children. Alisha received her Associates of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography in October 2015 and has been with Pregnancy Solutions since December 2015. Alisha received her certification by the ARDMS in OB/GYN in February 2018. Alisha loves giving the women and men that come through Pregnancy Solutions an inside look at the life that they have created. Alisha also enjoys just being there to listen to people in their time of need and helping in anyway she can.

Julie Zayets

Julie Zayets is one of our certified ultrasound technicians. She is certified in OB/GYN, Abdomen, and Vascular sonography. She has been certified since 2018. She is a mother to 3 children and has been married for 10 years. At Pregnancy Solutions, Julie enjoys seeing the joyous smiles on each client’s face when they see their baby on the ultrasound monitor and enjoys helping in any way she can. When not at work, Julie enjoys spending time with her children at the beach, baking, and spending time with many close friends or family

Alena Olimpiyuk

Alena is our ultrasound technician. Prior to joining our team, Alena worked in the emergency room performing a variety of exams focusing on emergency and obstetric ultrasounds. She is a mother of two energetic boys and has been happily married to her soul mate for nine years. Alena thrives when she can bring a smile and encouragement to someone no matter what situation they might be walking in. When not at work, Alena enjoys family time with her large Russian extended family and beach days.

Michelle Kossmann

Michelle Kossmann is a dedicated mother to a wonderful teenage son and has been married to the love of her life for 19 years. Michelle’s role as an Intervention Coordinator with Pregnancy Solutions has fulfilled a deeper calling to be of service to others experiencing adversity. Michelle has a diverse background in accounting, finance, state government, corporate training, and mental health and development services. When not at work, Michelle can be found with her nose in a good book or playing with her animals.

Shannon Keller

Shannon Keller is a proud mother to three beautiful daughters and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 11 years. She earned an Associates Degree from Valencia College and has been an Intervention Coordinator since earlier this year. Shannon has a passion for encouraging women going through complex situations. She understands the sometimes overwhelming emotions that come from an unplanned pregnancy and wants to offer hope and encouragement to women and men facing these experiences.

Leydanis Ritchie

Leydanis is one of our Intervention Coordinators currently serving at our Port Charlotte location. She joined the team at Pregnancy Solutions in 2021. She is a proud mother of 3 little boys and wife to Dillon Ritchie. Leydanis grew up in Miami, Florida and has spent the last 10 years in Southwest Florida. She has a Bachelors of Science in Biology from the University of South Florida. Prior to joining our team, Leydanis spent 5 years in the education field, teaching students about both knowledge and life lessons. As an educator, she felt led to help not just students, but the families they were connected to. Leydanis’ passion is to help families find the necessary support they need and, more importantly, to provide them with hope. She finds fulfillment in helping others find their purpose and move forward in their life regardless of their situation.

Brianne Welch

Brianne Welch is the proud adoptive mother of a 7 year-old son and has been married to her husband for 15 years. She has over 7 years experience as the Director of Client Services for Pregnancy Solutions and currently works as one of their Intervention Coordinators and their Marketing Coordinator while also running her own marketing business. She specializes in assisting men and women in difficult situations with compassion and care. Brianne feels compelled to be a voice for the hurting and to come alongside those in need with excellence and no judgement. Brianne never misses out on an opportunity for a good laugh and she is always down for some adventure!

Carolyn Saad

Carolyn has recently moved back to Florida after a few years spent living in Kentucky where she attended Asbury Theological Seminary. Her professional background includes a B.A. in Psychology and a Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling, as well as multiple specialty certifications and more than 700 hours of supervised work experience in both community-based and institutional mental health practices. Carolyn particularly enjoys working with couples and in short-term crisis care. Outside of work, Carolyn loves exploring new foods, new places, and new adventures with her best friend and husband, Joseph. The pair have been married two years and are the proud dog parents to a sweet rescued boxer named Boo.

Katie Davidson

Katie joined our team in early 2021 as an Intervention Coordinator. Being a young, single-mom, Katie can very much empathize with our clients who are walking through adversity. She is passionate about empowering women to handle the curveballs life throws at them. Katie also serves as an assistant on our Thrive team where she helps equip teenagers with the tools they need to create and sustain healthy relationships. Outside of work, Katie is often finding ways to connect with and serve others in her community. She loves gathering with friends and taking her daughter to local parks and beaches.

Ashlyn Kennedy

Ashlyn Kennedy recently graduated from University of South Florida, Sarasota-Manatee with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Ashlyn is now working toward pursuing a master’s degree, and she is also a wife and a mother to a sweet baby girl. As an adoptee, Ashlyn understands the different emotions and obstacles that come with being a child adopted from the foster care system. Ashlyn has used her story and skills at previous jobs and volunteer positions to help children, teenagers, and adults to understand how to create a happier and positive life. As someone who personally found herself at the doorstep of Pregnancy Solutions with an unplanned pregnancy, she is able to step into the shoes of the clients that walk through our doors and stand beside them encouraging and loving them through the emotions and trials of their new future. Ashlyn is a Florida native who loves spending time with family, creating new memories, and traveling internationally.

Ben Jett

Ben Jett is our Rookie Dad Coordinator, Ben has been happily married for 6 years. He has two beautiful children. Ben has been working with men and young adults for 9 years. Ben is most fulfilled when he is helping people break free from the hurt and barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential. Ben thrives on speaking life into people and helping people gain the tools they need to be successful! Ben is an adventurer at heart and is an avid film fan and is always good for a joke!

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