THRIVE is a youth development program dedicated to empowering and equipping youth to make healthy relationship choices so they can THRIVE now and in their future.

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9th-12th grade

In June 2016, Love Notes was included in the Office of Adolescent Health's (OAH) compilation of Evidence-Based Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs. This recognition came after an extensive evaluation process spanning five years and involving a $4.8 million study conducted by the Kent School of Social Work at the University of Louisville. The University of Louisville's research, showcasing the intervention's effectiveness, was published in the American Journal of Public Health in the autumn of 2016.

Love Notes stands out as one of merely six programs featured on the OAH's Evidence-Based list, having proven its efficacy in preventing pregnancy. Notably, it is the sole curriculum on the list dedicated to robustly cultivating healthy relationship skills.


6th-8th grade

Relationship Smarts PLUS aims to build confidence and skills. It offers guidance on navigating the world of romantic relationships. Teens learn that healthy relationships begin with the individual—identifying personal strengths and weaknesses, understanding how one’s past influences the present, and the importance of attending to one’s own growth and development. This curriculum offers knowledge of what a healthy relationship is and isn’t, as well as insights and skills for handling the early chemistry of attraction and choosing partners wisely.

Teens learn the building blocks of healthy relationships and are encouraged to identify relationship qualities they find personally important. They are provided principles to guide them in early relationship development. Frameworks to assess relationships are employed to help teens in relationship decision-making. They are provided a low-risk strategy Decide, Don’t Slide! model to guide them in reducing the potential for high-cost consequences of risky behaviors and attachment to problem people. Relationship Smarts PLUS builds teens’ awareness of the red flags of unhealthy and abusive relationships and ways to exit those relationships safely. Teens are encouraged to set boundaries and practice drawing the line of respect at the first sign of disrespect in a relationship. Teens learn how to handle breakups and move forward.


Both “Love Notes” and “Relationship Smarts”are consistent with Title V Federal guidelines A-H for SRA education, Research-Based, and Research Evaluated.

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